About us

"Looking at the photos from the gallery, Papagaj is just one nice restaurant. But, you'll find out that in Papagaj is the same as in life. You don't have to do anything, and you can achieve a lot."

It's like rock'n'roll. It would seem, nothing special. A couple of riffs, drum, foot, bass, and then the whole thing repeat. Of course, there is a wiggle of your hips and protruding tongue.

Tongue is a miracle. We use it to speak, we use it to sing, we use it to kiss, and we use it when we eat. Finally, we use it to taste. That's what this is all about, taste.

Nikola Kocalo, the owner of Papagaj, , I met him when he showed me his first billboard. It was written: We will not work on July 9 because of The Rolling Stones` concert. Of course, this is not just about Stones. Protruding tongue may seem like a protest and rebellion. A matter of choice. I like to think that, this way we are in constant search for the flavor. New, interesting, special, beautiful, authentic... not just when it comes to food. It is a way of thinking. Even Einstein was photographed like that.

What does this have to do with the Papagaj?

The Papagaj is just like that. The place, as well as rock 'n roll, that you experience and feel in your stomach, the food and the service, and the surrounding.

There is the sea in the garden and the mountain in the back yard. There is an architect philosopher. There is a cook, who is a poet. Members of the staff are your friends and there are only regular customers. Because once you come, you will always come back and you will repeat like a parrot (papagaj): I like it!

Prices in the Papagaj are the same throughout the year. There is no increase in prices during the season. The only thing you need for the Papagaj is to have a rich spirit. And you also need to understand that our motto is: No, to a bad taste!

I remember my first visit to the Papagaj. There was only one free table. Good to have a cup of coffee, but inconvenient if you want to have breakfast. At that moment, a guest next to us got up and gallantly brought us - his table! Then he calmly, as if nothing had happened, returned to his seat and continued to read the newspaper. Popeye. Jimmy Barka . He is familiar with the sea and with the Papagaj. Guests always seek for additional table. But there is a place for everyone.

Considering human life, nature, light, space, that Papagaj is just a nice restaurant. But as you listen to the shimmering sea in the dark and watch the stars spilled across the sky drinking wine with your friends you'll realize that in the Papagaj it is as well as in life . You do not need anything, and you can not too much.

It's only Restaurant 'n' Lounge but I like it!

See you at the Papagaj! Welcome to!

Slavoljub Stanković, a writer and a guest of the Papagaj